Missoula. Montana

And on to Big Sky country- Montana.  We drove out of Yellowstone straight into this new state.  1 million people, and a space 4 times the size of Ireland…no overcrowding issues.  We stopped at the charming town of Ennis, Montana, where Cathal whiled away hours in antique stores hunting out coca cola collectibles and I bought some cowboy boots.  Incidentally, petrol was cheaper here than anywhere – $4 a gallon (about 70 cent a litre) and the locals were still complaining!

We arrived into Missoula, Montana, quite late in the evening and headed straight to the Iron Horse Brew Pub.  For a Monday night, it was buzzing, but it is a student town and the pitchers were $10 a pop – draw your own conclusions.  

Ridiculous nachos at Iron Horse Brew Pub, Missoula

We were approached by a couple who had overheard our Irish accents and wanted our tips on travelling there – so we met them for breakfast the next morning.  We are so out of the work loop that we didn’t even consider if they had jobs to go to!  Megan & Kraig treated us to a diner breakfast – and a steak dinner at their house that night!  We met their lovely children Libby, Quincy and Kraig Junior, ate huge steaks and talked a lot.  I think we kept them up well past their bedtime…sorry guys!  Poor Libby had to get up at 4.30 the next morning to go to her summer job at Starbucks!  

Jane, Quincy, Megan, Kraig Jr, Kraig, Cathal in Missoula

Libby & her cool bike!

We took advantage of tax-free Montana to do some shopping – thanks to Caoimhe, Muireann and Bairbre for our camcorder wedding present!  We’re a bit afraid to take it out of its box, it looks daunting…Muireann I hope you can put us at ease when we get home!  

Missoula, Montana

I also visited the hairdresser.  This would usually be a non-event not worth mentioning, but this time was quite an experience…more for Cathal than me though!  He came to collect me, and decided to get a hair cut himself.  Then he talked himself into getting a “surfer” look!  After some cocktail shampoos, a stint under the dryer and a couple of beers (yes, beers at the salon), Cathal was – blond.  Well, more strawberry blonde, but certainly different!  We invited the husband and wife team out for a drink – and got back to our tent at 3am after an early breakfast at Dennys!  

us with our hairdressers!

I forgot to mention that the Hells’ Angels were having their annual “conference” in Missoula the weekend we were there – many men in leathers on Harleys were arriving into town.  They had booked a camping area for the weekend at a ski resort.  Coincidentally the town’s testicle festival was also on – yes they eat bull’s testicales around here.


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