We hoped things might brighen up for our last few days in Alaska – and they did to some extent. Cathal, Al & I were supertourists on the 29th – we took in the Mendenhall Glacier, Alaskan Brewery (free beers woohoo!), and the Last Chance Gold Mine & museum.

It was Cathal & my last day together of our trip : ( after almost 12 months travelling together! It was rather strange saying goodbye as he went off to the airport in a taxi. Luckily I had Al to cheer me up and we had a fun evening Murray-style checking out a few pubs and ordering a HUGE pizza.

The next day was spent in planes, trains and automobiles…Alan and I flew together to Seattle via Ketchican (you bet you can!), then I flew on to Vancouver. Al is starting his world trip – just as we are finishing. He is planning on doing the reverse of our trip through central America and the western States of America! I carried on to Vancouver Island by ferry, where I was met by Elizabeth Brady, a sort-of relative. I spent a few days enjoying normal home comforts at her home in Victoria, enjoying her and her son’s company and exploring a little. I even got to ride on Liz’s electric bike – very broomstick like in it’s smoothness!

I had a moratorium on photographs – no matter how good the view I relished NOT taking a picture! A bit of overkill in the last few months is the cause….

I enjoyed a couple of days in Vancouver with an old school friend Katherine who I had literally bumped into when in Vancouver in early August. She is living the “Canadian dream” with her husband Oisin – it was great to catch up with her.

And so on to London…a weekend with my sister Monica and her husband Jim was the last stage in my transition from travel-chick to Dublin diva….

And now it’s nice to be home…..despite the fact that Cathal is carving up the waves in Bali & Lombok, a nice extension to our wonderful honeymoon!


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