We based ourselves in Maputo from 2nd to 10 November, at Caoimhe and Carl’s.  Caoimhe is going to be based here with Trocaire for the next 2-3 years.  Their apartment on the 12th floor overlooks the bay, and a lovely breeze blows through to counter the high temperatures outside.  They will be here until Christmas, when they more further into Maputo’s “Embassy Belt” to a house with a garden – ideal for baby Fionan! 

Many people live on their wits in Maputo, this became quickly clear by the number of casual sellers on the street. Their persistence is admirable. We spent our first couple of days in Maputo with Carl and Fionan, sampling the very nice local coffee and visiting the swimming pool and the “lover’s gardens”.  We went out for dinner one night, and were treated to a street art show – local hawkers trail by the windows holding up art, which appears to be floating along on its own! 

No he’s not ours! C&J with Baby Fionan

Fionan ag ithe

From Maputo, we travelled to Kruger National Park in S Africa for a weekend – please see the S Africa Section for this! 


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