Week 3 got off to a very cold start!  We were back to lessons on Monday 14th with temperatures well below your average freezer!   We were however rewarded with fabulous views as the usually cloudy sky was azure blue for the day.  Not for us the usual warm up runs before class started…most of us reclined in the comfort of Starbucks to generate some much needed heat.  The day involved lots of hot chocolate stops and stamping of feet to fend off frost nip!

Driving to the Hill Mmmm….not much visible eh Leanne?

Frosty on top Chill on the Hill

Effects of the Chill! Effects of the Chill (spot the cameraman)

Much needed pitchers of beer were consumed in the Griz Bar to warm the cockles after such a day. 

The gang at the Griz The gang at the Griz Bar

The week continued with lessons as usual on Tuesday.  Powder Powder Powder was the name of the game and we got stuck in.  Fantastic couple of days getting used to the real Canadian ski experience…we haven’t heard that awful sound of skis on ice!  The day’s skiing was followed by a tech session in the Lodge with Jono.  The subject of the evening was Body Awareness.  Cathal decided he really didn’t need to go as he was fully aware of his body and lots of other people were too (random panics on chairlifts ahem..!).

We had some cloudy but not too cold weather for the rest of the weeks skiing…the view was much like that below! 

The lovely skis

On Thursday night we took at trip to do some night skiing at the Pass Powderkeg, some 45 minutes drive east in the state of Alberta.  Check out  www.passpowderkeg.ca for some photos of this small resort.   The locals were a little perturbed that their nice quiet hill was invaded by 30 new skiiers, but we enjoyed the novelty of a few runs in the dark!  Those who came along for the ride but didn’t ski enjoyed a rather bizarre road trip with a local to some redneck bars (Bill and Vicky were very tempted to start up karaoke!)

Night ski trip Jane, Jane Emma and Claire after night skiing

The return trip involved an entertaining stop at a bar in the Elk Valley – rather like a bar in the Overlook Hotel….we had a few cold beers and a few bad games of pool.  Cathal got rather friendly with the owner’s wife!

CDB and Barlady

On Saturday we all got up early for a day trip to Castle Mountain Ski Resort.  At 7.30am we trundled onto the bus, wondering what we were doing going to a resort 2 hours drive away when there was one up the road!  We got ourselves sorted out with ski passes and got to know the mountain.  The lifts were ancient and the resort has the longest T-bar lift ever – for those not familiar, you wait at the bottom of the hill for an upsidedown “T” to be shoved at your behind.  You cling on for dear life and hope that you won’t come a cropper, fall off and generally make yourself a laughing stock.  The Day Lodge at the resort resembled a large youth hostel and Jane couldn’t get into the bar because it was “full” with 51 people.  Canadians….

Have a look…. www.skicastle.ca

Castle Mountain Ok so it’s not me or Cathal but you get the gist..!

It was Stephen the Scotsman’s birthday on Saturday night so that was a great excuse to party.  A combination of pizza, mohitos, lots of beers, a Nintendo Wii and an atttempt at Karaoke on line led to an interesting night…culminating with some dancing in the Central Bar – some more than others!  Those of you familiar with Cathal’s moves will know what I mean (photo to follow!)

The coat series 1 Paddy’s giant coat – Emma and Jane could dance in it!

The coat series 2 Cathal looking cool in said same XXXXXXXL coat!

The gang at the Central Bar Emma, Claire, James, Hermiona, Vicky, Pete and Kirsty in the Central Bar


2 Responses to “Fernie Week 3”

  1. 1 Jennifer January 25, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    Hi Cathal & Jane

    Sounds like you are having a great time both on and off the slopes. Love the skies. The photos look great. Can’t imagine what it’s like being in temps below Zero. Love the look by the way.

    Be back soon.


  2. 2 The Samuels February 1, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    sitting in our living room, glass of red wine in hand and recovering from another week at work. celebrating getting through January with no booze at all – go me!
    jealously flicked through your pics – all very impressive and white and snowy.
    feels cold enough to snow here today but no sign as yet. not really looking forward to putting on my hockey skirt tomorrow but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
    jim says hi 🙂
    take care and keep up the great blog
    M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and J xox

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