Central America

Belize, the Western Caribbean.  Quite different from all its Spanish speaking neighbours, it is more Caribbean than the Caribbean!  We spent 3 days at Caye Caulker (see subpage), and 6 days on a seakayaking/camping trip in the Coral Islands, within the barrier reef off the coast of Dangriga, Belize.

Our transition between Mexico and Belize can b summarised by our transport change as we crossed the border.  We descended from a quiet airconditioned bus, and were ushered onto the Chetumal-Belize City “Express”.  This “express” was a recycled American school bus, painted brightly and blaring reggae tunes as it screamed through the Belizean countryside.  The border crossing was a breeze, our first taste of the relaxed nature of Belizeans.  Our trip took us through towns with pretty names such as “Orange Walk” and “Ladyville”, before arriving to a quite Belize City with 10 minutes to spare to catch the last ferry to our destination, the island of  Caye Caulker.  A fast taxi ride through the Caribbean streets and we were speeding over the Caribbean Sea with the sun setting behind us. 

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