3 August – Seattle

it’s been a while since we have posted – you might think that surely the whole of the States is one big wifi spot, but once out of the big cities it can be hard to find.  We have arrived in the home of grunge, Frasier and Starbucks coffee – Seattle.  The big surprise (and somewhat disappointment) was that as we came over the hills from Montana and E Washington State, we left blue skies behind for what is quite Irish weather!  However the fact that we are sleeping in a real bed for the first time in a month (thank you Comfort Inn) makes up for it adequately.  

Since we left Moab, Utah, and began heading north about 2 weeks ago, we have enjoyed what we consider perfect summer camping weather – 25-30 degrees, no humidity, no rain and it cools down at night enough to make it comfortable to sleep under canvas.  We have also done our longest driving trips in the last while – 9 hours from Moab, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming was our record.  For Americans it is nothing – but we were quite pleased with ourselves!  I had uploaded an audiobook from the Library in Moab, a 9 disc tome, and this kept  us entertained from Moab almost to Seattle.  The big car and our GPS have really come into their own – the former for comfort and the latter to prevent major directional mars-venus fights!  

Our three main stops in the last section were Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is the gateway town for the Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park (immortalised as Jellystone in Yogi Bear!) and Missoula, Montana.  We slowed the pace down a little and spent 5 nights in each of the first two and three in Missoula.  Jackson Hole is in the middle of Cowboy country, the Stetson hat reigns and the Rodeo is the biggest show in town.  Yellowstone enthralls with all its spouting geysers, boiling mud pots and lots of wildlife – the oldest National Park in the US.  Missoula – well it was a bit of craic, with two unexpected great nights out! 

Some photos on the right, more stories to follow!


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